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Now you can safely open packages.

The world’s first box cutter with a ceramic blade. Patent-pending handle features non-slip, easy-hold finish that protects your hand by wrapping around your fist, while the housing limits the amount of exposed ceramic-blade to further reduce injuries.

High-tech double-sided box cutter blade is HAND SHARPENED and designed to reduce injuries by incorporating a safe rounded-tip with a sharpness level that lasts 10x longer than steel. You’ll be opening boxes quickly and safely instead of using a dull metal blade that increases your chance of injuries.

For convenience and productivity, the open loop allows the user to hook the device on a pocket or belt in between use.

Why Ceramics?
– Next to diamonds ceramics are the most durable material on Earth
– Ceramics have a hardness of 8.2 MOHS vs. steel at 5.5 MOHS
– Stays sharper and harder than even high-carbon steel
– Never rusts, non-sparking and does not conduct electricity

• Includes one double-sided ceramic blade save blade replacement costs
• Hand sharpened
• Stays sharp 10X longer than steel
• Three position adjustable length blade
• Easy access blade storage
• Less blade means reduced injuries
• 2011 Red Dot design award winner



All, $26 to $50


Safety Knives, Workwear


Children, Female, Male