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Bullard TrakLite® integrated helmet lighting system blends engineering, functionality and safety to help firefighters see forward in dark or smoky conditions. The lightweight Bullard TrakLite is designed to help increase the functional performance of your fire helmet without bulky or cumbersome additions.

Featuring eight bright white LEDs protected behind a heat-resistant glass, TrakLite provides a readily-available source of light in most any situation. Whether performing search and rescue at night, locating a fuse box or navigating smoky conditions, the TrakLite can be used in a multitude of situations. In addition to the eight forward-facing LEDs mounted to the front of the helmet, TrakLite offers a bright blue “buddy indicator” light on the rear of the helmet enabling a highly increased ability to track the wearer in low visibility situations.

• M-PACT Shell with SmartRidge design
• High-heat thermoplastic outer shell
• Quick-Attach Blade system
• Comfortable Sure-Lock ratchet headband
• Balanced 4-point nylon crown straps and crown pad
• Convenient TrakLite™ lighting system is smoothly integrated into the structure of the helmet
• 8 LEDs provides smooth, even light over a wide area for safer navigation and other operations
• Bullard Structural Helmets with factory-mounted TrakLite meet NFPA 1971, 2013 requirements




Fire Fighting, Headwear