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IRONCLAD SDG2 Super Duty Abrasion Impact Resistant Glove Black, USA, Size M – XL top of the line work glove boasts extensive metacarpal protection and our exclusive Exo-Guard™ flexible finger impact protection. Add to that, the full Duraclad® palm, and this glove will handle just about anything you can throw at it.

IRONCLAD SDG2 Super Duty Abrasion Impact Resistant Glove Black, USA, Size M – XL

• Exo-Guard™ Protection – Flexible finger impact protection
• Duraclad® Reinforcements – Ironclad’s Exclusive Abrasion Resistant Material
• Hybrid Cuff System – Secure fit with built in quick release
safety feature
• Extensive TPR Metacarpal Protection – Maximum back-of-hand impact protection
• TPR Cuff Puller – Get your glove in the proper position faster
• Terry Cloth Sweat Wipe – Conveniently located on the back of the thumb
• Synthetic leather finger sidewalls
• Lycra inner fourchettes for breathability


In 1997, Ed Jaeger, Ironclad’s founder was asked to help on a home-build. There were plumbers, masonry workers, demo-guys, electricians and construction workers everywhere. He noticed that each person had very expensive task-specific tools that they needed in order to get the job done, but also realized that none of these workers were wearing gloves. Being curious, Ed asked the guys around the jobsite why they weren’t wearing gloves and all of their answers were similar.

“I can’t use the gloves that are available because they’re too bulky. Sure they protect my hands, but they are hot, I can’t feel my tools, they only come in one size and they basically get in the way of me doing my job.”

This blew Jaeger away. A hard working guy, Jaeger, who grew up riding motorcycles, and knew the industry, had task-specific gloves for dirt bikes, or road bikes and he learned to use these gloves when he worked. The gloves, constructed with materials like Kevlar™ and ballistic nylon, had great fit and became an extension of your hand. While at the jobsite, Jaeger, realized that there was a huge disconnect between the worker and their most important tool – their hands. They needed a glove that protected their hands and helped them get the job done.

It was at this moment that Ironclad was born. His concept was to build a glove that offered protection and performance, but sacrificed neither. He also wanted to create a brand that real workers could be proud to wear; a brand that would stick with them through thick and thin; and a brand that was built solely for them. These people are the true heroes of real-life. Everything that we use in our daily life, many of which we take for granted, are built by unrecognized hard-working men and women – the everyday heroes.

Ironclad pioneered this new territory – developing task-specific gloves that helped each worker get the job done more safely, efficiently and effectively. But just developing task-specific gloves wasn’t enough. Ironclad needed to bring new technologies, materials and innovations to these harsh working environments. As a result, Ironclad has developed and owns 74 Patents and Trademarks worldwide. These exclusive properties are a part of our expanding advanced glove technology which can be seen in virtually every glove Ironclad sells. Ironclad is about constant innovation in order to celebrate the real Everyday Heroes of the world.


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