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MARITIME PROGRESS – UK PR2394 LLL System x 3M (Impa 332390)

MARITIME PROGRESS – UK PR2394 LLL System x 3M (Impa 332390) Strontium Aluminate Rigid Strip LLL System:
This system comprises of an aluminum carrier extrusion and rigid photoluminescent insert panels, offering a quick and easy installation combined with rugged and durable quality. The carrier offers a 75mm visible width of photoluminescent material. The photoluminescent performance of the rigid panels is certified by Lloyds Register as exceeding IMO requirements when charged with less than 30 Lux from a flourescent source. Installation is simple. The carrier is fixed to the bulkhead by countersunk screws, the heads being covered by the photoluminescent panels which are simply slipped into the extrusion. Internal and external corners, and drops up and down stairways, are easily made by mitreing the extrusion and cutting the photoluminescent panels to suit. LLL signs below should be used to give direction indication. End stops for terminating a run of panels are also available.

Maritime Progress deals solely with the marine industry, offering one of the fastest and most comprehensive services available for the supply of all types of marine signage and safety posters.

The company is a BS EN ISO 9001 2000 Quality Assurance accredited company which is proud of its history and service to the marine industry.

Quality Statement

Maritime Progress Ltd aims to provide products that contribute to people’s safety, that conform to our customer’s requirements, to deliver them on time and at a competitive price.

Photoluminescent Safety Products Association (PSPA)

The company is a long standing member of the PSPA and contributes towards the improvement in the quality and standards of photoluminescent materials.


$26 to $50