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Masterlock 1482BP410 Lockout Station – 4x410RED Padlocks, 2xHasps, 12xTags

or equipment and departments
• High visibility stations facilitate proper and convenient lockouts when located centrally or at each lockout point. Polystyrene construction with metal hooks.
• Features Maser Lock Lightweight No. 410 Safety Series™ padlocks, designed exclusively for OSHA lockout compliance:
• Durable, lightweight, non-conductive Xenoy lock bodies
• Include permanent write-on labels (Engish, French & Spanish) that allow instant on-site customization for each worker
• Compliance with OSHA “one employee, one lock, one key” directive
• Highly visibility red locks are supplied keyed-different
• Include high security, reserved-for-safety cylinder, with more than 100,000 key cuts possible
• Key-retaining – ensures that padlocks are not left unlocked
• Includes Safety Series™ hasps for lockout by up to 6 workers at each lockout point
• Includes Safety Series™ heavy duty “DO NOT OPERATE” lockout I.D. Tags with brass grommets
• PLUS, a no-charge Safety Lockout Padlock Key Charting System is available to you simply by returning the enclosed mail-in card after your purchase. Master Lock will supply a Registered System number, maintain a record of the padlock key cuts provided with
• *Provided that your Registered System number is included on all orders