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815696 Advantage 200 LS Half-Mask Respirator Small

815692 Advantage 200 LS Half-Mask Respirator Medium

815700 Advantage 200 LS Half-Mask Respirator Large

Offers unmatched fit and comfort with a clear blue facepiece. The thermoplastic rubber subtracts 25% of the weight and adds softness to MSA’s Advantage 200 LS respirator. The patented MultiFlex® System equalizes pressure on the face-seal area, while delivering exceptional stability, so the respirator will not collapse during wear. The AnthroCurve sealing surface instantly conforms to each wearer’s unique facial characteristics. Current Advantage 200 respirator wearers require no additional fit testing.
Features and Benefits:
• Lighter, softer facepiece
• Anthrocurve sealing surface
• Multi-Flex facepiece design provides exceptional stability
• Multi-lingual Advantage Training CD
• Full line of chemical cartridges and particulate filters – interchangeable with Advantage 3200 Respirator




Medium, Large, Small