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New from Superior’s Emerald CX lineup: Emerald CX Lite…a custom-engineered blend that combines the lightweight ease and strength of nylon with multi-strand stainless-steel wire to deliver triple the cut resistance of comparable glass/nylon blends and yet half the cost of comparable cut-resistant styles.

With their 3-¾” snug knit wrists, these gloves offer stay-in-place comfort on top of stellar wrist protection. A grey PU palm coating increases your grip in oily/wet situations, not to mention the excellent dry grip it provides. This good grip is not sticky, and will not shed. It also boosts puncture resistance.

Two ends of fine stainless-steel wire in the knit provide ASTM level-2 cut protection, based on a cut resistance of 700 grams. Wire cannot be felt against the hand since the inside face is knit with 100% nylon for a smooth, comfortable feel. The combination of soft-yet-strong nylon and the strength of steel makes these gloves a comfortable and economical choice for cut protection, at approximately half the cost of comparable gloves offering level 2 cut resistance.

A good choice for handling sharp steel, glass or circuit boards, especially where lint and particulate contamination is a concern.

• Combination of nylon and fine-gauge steel for ASTM level-2 cut protection
• PU coating for excellent grip in all conditions; resists solvents, fats, greases, gasoline
• Extra-long (3 ¾”/9 cm.) knit wrists protect wrists, keep gloves fitting snugly
• Nylon knit on the inner face for softness and comfort
• Lint-free gloves are lightweight and tough for better dexterity, yet are comfy, dexterous and have good touch sensitivity
• Choice of nylon and steel offers cost savings, compared with other  ASTM level-2 cut-resistant styles
• Polyurethane is a non-shedding material making gloves ideal for applications where contamination is a concern
• Size 8(M), 9(L), 10(XL)

– Automotive
– Sharp Steel
– Glass
– Metal Fabrication
– Light Metal Stamping


All, Under $25


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8, 9, 10, 13