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Small. Compact. Convenient. Secure.

The SecuBox MINI: Ideal for storing safety equipment directly at your working place. Due to its compact dimensions, the SecuBox MINI is suitable for installment in every work environment.

Personal safety equipment can be stored when it is not in use while keeping it clean and protected. With the SecuBox MINI, usage of personal protective equipment by other employees and equipment mix-ups are eliminated.

This box guarantees that every employee’s personal safety equipment has its place.The SecuBox MINI fits everywhere.

• Dimensions: 236 x 120 x 120 mm
• Fit for all common safety equipment (like goggles, ear protectors, respirators etc.)
• Easy handling (Quick open – Quick close)
• Dust- and sprayproof
• Easy installation by screw-attachment or adhesion
• Fastenings (2 screws and 2 plugs)
Strong ABS-material
• Red grip can be used for information (e.g. name)
• Four-coloured presentation- and salespackaging




Accessories, Storage