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SIR 11212 Contact Latex Safety Gloves Size L

SIR 11212 Contact thinking and latex gloves material: natural latex, thickness: 0.4MM, lining: non-flocking, chlorination, length: 30.5CM, surface: rough, dexterity: 5, product design and manufacturing in line with 89/686 / EEC certification requirements, classified as PPE level III.
1, a good storage environment may be appropriate to increase the service life of the glove, the glove is recommended to store in a dry, dark, room temperature environment;
2, the gloves have special features, such as electrical insulation gloves to deal with the product before use testing to ensure that effect of the product;
3, when how the amount of chemical residues, use appropriate cleaning solvent, but the need to avoid the use of corrosive cleaning solution, washed, should be fully dry.