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Speakman Safe-T-Zone Stainless Steel Series combination Emergency shower & eye/face wash units feature a combination eye/face wash with two aerated sprays and a round bowl combined on a galvanized steel stanchion with a stainless steel showerhead that is activated by a stainless steel pull rod. The SE-625 is supplied with an SE-490-SS eye/face wash, stainless steel showerhead, frame, ball valve and pull rod. The SE-625 is compliant to the ANSI Z358.1 standard.

• Speakman Stainless Steel combination emergency shower & eye/face wash
• Pull rod activated stay open shower
• Paddle handle activated SE-490 eye/face wash
• Meets ANSI Z358

Nearly a century and a half ago, brothers Allen and Joseph Speakman opened a modest plumbing shop in Wilmington, Delaware. With a pioneering spirit and an unwavering dedication to craft, their company went on to introduce the world to the modern-day Emergency Shower & Eyewash Station . Since then, every generation that’s passed through our doors came to work motivated by one simple goal: to create products that deliver water the way it was intended to be experienced. Today, we continue to honor that legacy of innovation under the leadership of our Executive Team. Each day, we explore unique, revolutionary techniques when designing products, all to ensure you enjoy the greatest performance imaginable.



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