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The Spencer Basket Stretcher is suitable for rescues from heights and depths and for any situation where the casualty needs to be dragged, carried or lifted across rough and muddy terrain. The basket stretcher can be used for both horizontal and vertical lifts whilst the casualty lies stable and secure.

• One piece basket stretcher
• Non-corrode high-density shockproof polyethylene shell
• Heavy-duty aluminium framework
• Twelve ample lateral handles to improve grip during recovery operations and transport
• Runners on base to improve sliding on uneven surfaces
• Stainless steel grommets for lifting bridles
• Can contain a spine board.
• Nylon rope along entire perimeter
• Three 50 mm nylon restraints with quick-release buckles
• Waterproof, closed-cell mattress
• Adjustable footrest in pre-formed polyethylene with ample surface
• Conform to 93/42/EEC Council Directive (MDD) concerning Medical Devices

Measurements: 215 x 65 x 19 cm, Weight: 13.5 kg, Load Capacity to 280 kg

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