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Tool@rrest is a proven safe and warranted range of tethered hand held tools for use whilst working at height. They can then be secured to a fixed point or person and are designed to ensure user freedom and safety without compromising the integrity of the tool.
Tool@rrest provide operators who work at height with a certified, simple, but flexible solution to attaching tools to a lanyard and helps to prevent dropped objects.

All hand tools feature an integral hole designed and manufactured into the handle of the product. Each tool is supplied complete with a tether and is tested on UKAS accredited machinery to guarantee a two tonne breaking strain. Tools are produced by Gedore who provide a lifetime guarantee on all their tools.

Carefully constructed tool kits, complete with certified Tool@rrest tethers and lanyards provide a fully secure, tested and assured system to help eliminate dropped tools when working at height.

Secured in removable foam lined, waterproof, ‘unbreakable’ Peli cases. Suitable for service companies working off site, such as on/off-shore drilling rigs. Easily transportable, immediate access to tools, industrial protection.

• 30 tools and lanyards set in a Peli1620, wheeled case
• Contained in robust, highly portable Peli cases
• Dust, shock and water-proof
• All tools set in ‘2-tone’ Plastazote inert foam
• Two-layer or three-layer format for easy tool access and maximum space utilisation
• 630mm (l) x 492mm (w) x 352mm (h) (Black)

Top Layer
1 x 3C-Screwdriver Flat 8 X 175
1 x Screwdriver Stubby Phillips No. 2 X 25
1 x Side Cutter Chrome Plated 140mm
1 x 250mm Wire Twisting Pliers – D38896
1 x 137 Grip Wrench 10”
1 x Gasket Scraper
1 x Ball Pein Hammer 2lb/32oz-Pinned Head
10 x Coated Wire Lanyard 100cm x 2.5mm (2.5kg Rating)
1 x Webbing Lanyard (1m)
1 x Retr@ct 360 Tool Lanyard
1 x Heavy Duty Sledge Hammer Lanyard (6kg Rating)
1 x Wrist Lanyard c/w Tail

Middle Layer
1 x Power Combination Pliers Chrome Plated 180mm
1 x Adjustable Podger Wrench 12”
1 x Adjustable Wrench Phosphated 12”
1 x Pipe Wrench 14”
1 x Hacksaw Frame
1 x File 2nd Cut Flat 12”
1 x Straight Handled Pry Bar 300mm
1 x 119-8 Pin Punch 8 mm

Bottom Layer
1 x Ratchet 1/2” SD 10” Long Pinned

1 x Torque Wrench 1/2” SD 60-330Nm/45-250lbf c/w Pinned Head
1 x 1/2” SD Breaker Bar 14”
1 x Skt 1/2” SD Bi-Hex 19mm
1 x Skt 1/2” SD Bi-Hex 11/16Af
1 x Hex Bit Skt 1/2” SD 8mm
1 x SCL 42-70 Hexagon Allen Key Set 2.5-10mm
1 x Self Retracting Knife
1 x Cold Chisel 250mm
1 x Flare Nut Spanner Open UD 14 x 17mm


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