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Work can be hard but Breathing shouldn’t be.

The FFP3 climazone mask’s three-chamber system offers maximum filter performance with low breathing resistance. Two additional filter chambers expand the filter surface, extending the length of time the
mask can be used.

• High-performance, three-chamber climazone system
• Innovative design with optimised shape
• 4-point headband for a comfortable, secure fit
• Integrated, flexible, adjustable nosepiece
• 2 extra filters with inhalation valve for low breathing resistance and increased comfort
• Mask fulfils the requirements of the dolomite dust test and therefore has lower breathing resistance during longer periods of use
• Ultra soft, all-round sealing lip
• Sold in packs of 3
• Approved EN 149 : 2001 FFP3
• Manufactured in the EU

Class FFP 3 respirators can be used in areas such as welding and soldering, environments with a high concentration of extremely hazardous
microscopic dust, and working with chemical compounds.

FFP3 – For poisonous particles, vapour and smoke; filters for solid and liquid aerosols with a high filtering classification. For protection up to 30 times the corresponding threshold limit value.



All, $26 to $50




Outdoor, Respiratory Protection