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The T24 LE is equipped with waist level suspension for working aloft, as well as a lanyard with “D” for use in rescue and fall arrest.This lanyard stows neatly along the shoulder strap when not in use. It has attachment points for work positioning lanyards. Smaller “D” rings are provided at waist level for carriage of tools. It is equipped with snaphook and ring fastenings for ease of donning when wearing gloves.

The wide waist and back straps of this harness are lined with expanded neoprene padding for additional comfort.

At the request of major offshore users, shoulder adjusting straps and their buckles have been fitted with rings and webbing loops. This makes for easier adjustment with gloved hands.

BS EN 813 (Sit Harness)
BS EN 358 (Work Positioning Systems)
BS EN 361 (Full Body Harness)


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