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Brady 104121 Entrytag Kit – 10 Holders, 10 Inserts, 1 Pen

Brady’s ENTRYTAG® is designed to work in conjunction with existing permit to work systems and assist with the requirements of CFR 1910.146 (c) (2), (d) (11) and (f) (2). ENTRYTAG® acts as a visual reminder to authorized personnel and assists in instructing non authorized personnel of the critical requirements contained within the permit to work. The system clearly states the minimum requirements of entry to the confined space or whether the area is in prohibition and cannot be entered.

• Designed to control vessel entry in conjunction with a permit to work system
• Positioned at the entrance of the vessel/tank/silo, it informs all personnel of the minimum requirements for entry, work being undertaken and other important details
• Kits include 10 holders, 10 standard inserts and a permanent marking pen.



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