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Superior Durability:
ToughStripe™ Floor Marking Tape is made of tough, resilient material so you can spend less time replacing damaged or worn lines. You can apply the floor tape once, and be done.
• Withstand forklift traffic without tearing or lifting
• Low-profile design minimizes tears and scratches from skids, pallet jacks, etc.
• Made with rugged polyester and aggressive adhesive

Easy Application:
You can quickly lay down smooth, straight lines of ToughStripe™ Floor Marking Tape in your facility – without the help of coworkers.
• Can be easily applied by one person working alone
• Stiff polyester floor tape with liner prevents tape stretching and reduces wrinkles and wavy, uneven lines
• No special floor preparation required – just clean with common cleansers

Painless Removal:
ToughStripe™ Floor Marking Tape can be easily removed without damaging the floor or leaving adhesive residue.
• Does not chip and flake when being removed – comes off in one piece
• Clean removal without any unsightly adhesive residue or damage to the floor

High Visibility:
ToughStripe™ Floor Marking Tape offers the same visibility as painted floor markings, but cost much less.
• High-gloss surface shines like new paint
• Low profile minimizes debris buildup along the edges that occurs with thicker (extruded) floor tapes
• Surface resists marks and smudges and cleans up like new
• Available in a variety of high-impact colors


$101 to $150