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Simulate a real-life MOB situation and train your crew with a life-size training dummy.

The Dacon Rescue Dummy is a large and heavy exercise dummy developed with the purpose of making maritime training, involving rescue and handling of persons, as realistic as possible without exposing crew members to unacceptable or unnecessary risks.

With a height of 6 feet, all the main joints and proportions of a person and a weight adjustable up to 90 kilos, the Dacon Dummy resembles a person in most rescue situations. It will also demonstrate realistically the handling problems a rescue crew will be faced with in a real life rescue operation.

The Dacon Rescue Dummy fills with water for ballast.
May be partly drained for transport and stowage if required. It has inherent flotation and cannot sink even if punctuated.
A lifting eye in the neck is provided for crane handling or stowage.

The Dacon Rescue Dummy is supplied with a specially designed cover-all incorporating a Flotation Position Control system allowing the Dummy to float either horizontally or vertically for variation in rescue technique.

• Extremely robust training dummy with human proportions (1,8 m tall and 85 kg maximum weight)
• The design makes for realistic rescue scenarios and uncovers recovery and handling challenges you will not find with a light-weight dummy
• Used for MOB recovery and evacuation drills from rescue vessels, FRC’s and helicopters
• Adjustable for horizontal or vertical floating position
• Drains to ~25 kg for transport and storage
• Comes with a rugged PVC coverall and will take severe abuse