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The Dacon Rescue Frame

General Arrangement:
– A manual recovery system for gentle and effective rescue of casualties.
– Quick, safe and effective retrieval saves time for the rescue personnel.
– Folds for stowage on deck or railing. Always ready for immediate deployment.
– Requires a minimum of space on board. Will not obstruct passage even on small rescue craft.
– Doubles as an effective scrambling net for persons able to climb onboard.
– Established 20 years with a proven track record.

The Dacon Rescue Frame consists of a number of parallel fibre glass bars connected by slotted webbing.
The outer bar is equipped with flotation, a manoeuvring stick and hand-loops for easy grip.

Medical Aspects:
– The person is recovered in a horizontal position with full-length body support. This will reduce the possibility of shock and aggrevation of injuries assosiated with the recovery of hypothermic and seriously injured casualties from the water
– Detaches in seconds for use as an effevtive transport stretcher when required.

When deployed, the Rescue Frame hangs down the freeboard forming a cradle in the water.
The casualty is positioned in the cradle and gently «rolled» onboard by lifting the grip bar or the retrieval lines.

The Rescue Frame is currently offered in sizes to fit craft with freeboards from 0,5 – 6m.

Length: Standard 180 cm (0,6 – 1,8m available)
Depth: 1,8m – 6m
Weight: 3 kg/m²

Rods: GRP
Webbing: Polyester
Fittings: Stainless steel
Rope: Polyester
Flotation: Expanded PP