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breathe easy

In a fire, most victims do not die from heat or flames, but from smoke and gases. The S-Cap Escape hood provides protection against smoke and gases, including carbon monoxide. Bright color ease location of the wearer.

The cardboard box is sealed. The permissible storage life is
indicated on the outside.

More about this S-Cap Escape Hood

• Simple and quick handling
• Safe protection of respiratory tracts, eyes and head
• Easy donning also for persons wearing spectacles
• Large field of vision
• High performance filter protects against smoke, carbon
monoxide, acrolein, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide, and sulfur dioxide
• Maximum 10 years shelf life
• Maintenance free for 4 years; after 4 years, testing is required
• This escape hood has EN 403:2004 approval
• Duration 15 minutes