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Gas-tight goggles should be worn whenever there is even minimal danger of contact with hazardous chemical liquid or vapor.
• Anatomical shape and soft material allows close, yet comfortable fit
• Integrated, indirect ventilation allows air movement directly across the lens whilst protecting against splash and dust
• Lens coated with new Uvex supravision: outside optidur 2002 (anti-scratch, anti-UV) and inside optidur 4C (anti-mist, anti-scratch, anti-UV, anti-static)
• Frosted top to reduce glare
• Fits comfortably over most prescription spectacles
• Specially designed nose bridge, works well with respirator
• High-quality, easily adjustable headband
• Panoramic lens shape allows 180° uninterrupted lateral vision
• Optically correct lens (EN 166-Class 1) does not distort view or cause headaches


All, $26 to $50




Chemical Protection, Eyewear