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• High degree of mechanical strength
• High level of protection for professional welders
• Perfectly suited for wearing over prescription safety spectacles
• Flip-up filter, minimum damage from welding sparks
• Easily replaceable lens filter
• Easy to combine with other PPE products
• New filter technology
• Perfect colour recognition
• UV and IR radiation protection

Infradur PLUS welding lenses protect against
ultraviolet and infra-red radiation as well as glare. The
coating minimises welding spark damage.

Welding filters made from polycarbonate with our infradur PLUS coating, provide higher levels of mechanical protection than welding filters made of glass or laminated glass. The risk of damage from welding sparks is minimised.

Complies with norms EN 166 EN 169.


All, $26 to $50




Eyewear, Welding