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The Max-7 Hard Armour Plate from VestGuard utilises traditional materials and through unique processing, achieves a cost effective solution to the highest protection standard available on the market.

The MAX-7 works to provide both NIJ level III (3) and level IV (4) protection and has been tested to both standards.

The Max-7 has been Certified by the National Institute of Justice to NIJ level IV (4) ballistic test standards 0101.04 (2005 Interim)

Model: GRPIV-II MAX-7 250 x 300 x 14 mm
Aerial density: 40.66 kg/㎡ 2.8 kg per plate
Materials: Hybrid ceramic core with GRP outer skin

• Curved chamfered edges
• Fungal growth resistant coating
• Fluid resistant outer coating
• Temperature resistant
• High altitude pressure resistant
• Ergonomic CE marked curved finish
• Interchangeable front to back
• Withstands Armour Piercing rounds
• 10 year guarantee


Extra Large, Extra Extra Large, Medium, Large