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The Personal Armour System Ground Troops (PASGT) helmet has been fully certified to the U.S. National Institute of Justice standards for NIJ Level IIIA through rigorious laboratory ballistic testing as well as physical and environmental performance assesment. This helmet is our most popular selling style and is supplied to the Police, The Foreign Office, The US Army and many security teams in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Constructed from multi-layers of high-tenacity ballistic fabric inpregnated with a thermoplastic resin, the PASGT is designed to provide enhanced protection against ballistic and fragmentation threats.

Conforming to U.S military specification for NIJ Level IIIA and V50 fragmentation, the ergonomically designed integrated outer shell with adjustable suspension system provides enhanced comfort whilst maintaining stability.

• Material – High-tenacity ballistic aramid fibre
• Protection Level
– IIIA of NIJ Standard-0108.01
– 9 mm 124gr Remmington
– .44 Magnum semi-wadcutter gas checked
• V50 fragmentation resistance test at 697m/s (2286ft)
• Ergonomically curved to provide comfort and fit
• 9 points of adjustment to fit all head sizes
• Provides multi hit protection, whilst minimizing blunt trauma
• Provides ballistic protection after exposure to
– Hot or cold temperatures
– Diesel fuel, water and oil
– Severe vibration
– Direct flame
• In line with IMO recommendation “BMP4” for Best Management Practices to Deter Piracy off the Coast of Somalia and in the Arabian Sea Area
• Manufactured in the UK
• Warranty for 10 years


Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large