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“A.C.E. makes a window laminate that is as thin as paper and makes windows bomb and bullet-resistant for about one-tenth the cost of bullet-proof glass. The transparent security laminate simply rolls on existing windows like wallpaper and keeps them from shattering. It takes about ten minutes to retrofit a window with A.C.E. laminate.

Our 300 Series is our most versatile product line offering protection against burglary, bomb blast, hurricanes and even small arms fire. Our SL 14 is also the first of its kind to meet the ULC S332-93 Standard for Burglary Resisting Glazing Material using only 1/8 inch thick glass.

• Thickness – 0.014 inch
• Number of laminate layers – 4
• High level of fragmentation retention
• High end burglary resistance
• Hurricane resistant – small and large missile
• Bomb blast protection
• Bullet resistance – When applied to 1/2 inch glass, can resist the penetration of a .38 caliber, 9mm FMJ, or even a .357. If the window shatters, the film’s strong adhesive grip will hold the majority of broken glass fragments together providing additional time to escape danger
• Reduce the injuries that can be caused by broken or flying glass
• Tested to UL752 Level 2 – Bullet Resisting Equipment
• In line with IMO recommendation “BMP3” for Best Management Practices to Deter Piracy off the Coast of Somalia and in the Arabian Sea Area
• Lifetime limited warranty against fading, yellowing, peeling, and opaquing or de-lamination
• Made in Canada

• Permit required to purchase.

Note – A.C.E. does not pretend that its products are bullet, bomb or break-in proof. There is no such safety film or security laminate on the market. A.C.E. products only provide added protection against the effect of bullets, bombs and break-in entry


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