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With its solid design and fast-acting brake mechanism, you can be confident that the Workman Personal Fall Limiter (PFL) will be there for you when you need it most.

• A durable, engineered thermoplastic housing to increase service life
• Rugged, impact-absorbing protective bumpers for added durability
• A field-replaceable lifeline option eliminates down time and reduces cost of ownership
• A lightweight design, starting at 3.5 pounds
• Available in lengths from 6’ to 12’ in 1’ increments
• A 400-pound working capacity
• A constant lock-up rate to prevent the erratic,
“jerky”lock-up (like a seat belt) found on some types
of retractables
• No annual factory re-certification required.
• An integral load indicator lets you know when it is time to remove the product from service
• SRL connector with integral swivel
• Meets ANSI A10.32, all applicable OSHA standards, and is CSA certified. Units with 36C style snaphooks meet ANSI Z359.1


Above $200


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